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IntelliGantt® for Faster Agile Development

Don't settle for using the standard Agile development tools alone! They're missing one little ingredient...

IntelliGantt® can improve the predictions for features and versions delivery dates, for Agile developed projects as well. Mostly it is followed by an activity to complete the schedule on an earlier date.

When planning an Agile project, the estimates are just that: estimates. They will inevitably change. Some people may over or under-perform. Some unplanned features will introduce themselves. Someone may become sick. All these factors will affect the short term (e.g. sprint) and long term (e.g. roadmap) estimates. Therefore, it is essential that the effect of these changes be understood by all relevant parties, and proper decisions are made accordingly.

In most cases, the developing company needs to know the customer availability dates for its features and versions. Most customers would insist on having committed roadmaps, beyond a few weeks ahead. In order to meet these commitments, an up to date and visible schedule has to be maintained.

This goal is hard to achieve using only the conservative Agile tools (backlog, burndown chart, and task board) as their reports lack the scheduling aspect (dependencies, resource usage at a given time and ways to optimize it), and they are hard to understand by people outside the team.
Using Agile's standard tools only, it's hard to understand the long term impact of local decisions and changes, and it's harder to identify problems and delays ahead of time, in order to prevent them or mitigate them early on. Adding scheduling optimization capabilities can help overcome this deficiency.

IntelliGantt® incorporates the Gantt's planning and control capabilities with the specific needs of the Agile development methods, such as frequent and plenty changes in planning, short tasks management, and accurately meeting target dates (such as at the end of a sprint). It also takes into consideration hurdles that the Agile theory ignores, such as interdependencies between tasks and teams, and the understanding that not every person is capable of addressing a certain task.

IntelliGantt® provides an on-going reflection of the Agile team autonomous operation into the company's overall product strategy. It highlights potential gaps between them, and helps bridging them ahead of time.

IntelliManage offers assistance to development projects that use Scrum, Kanban, SAFe or other Agile methodologies. We will help your team leaders and/or Scrum masters in optimizing the backlog handling of the scheduling aspect, so that features are completed earlier. Changes throughout each sprint will be represented on the timeline, so that their short, mid, and long term effects will be clear, and immediate decisions could be taken.
Testimonial: EdgeNetworks
"IntelliGantt® was integrated with our agile development methodology to produce excellent resource usage as well as meeting milestones and deliverables in tough and changing conditions.
Today we deliver more than promised, on time, with excellent quality. In many cases, we are surprised how well we manage the resources to make sure we optimize what we do.
We see IntelliManage as our partners more than just service providers, and the collaboration with you is outstanding."

Eli Gur, VP R&D,

Testimonial: WatchDox
"It turned out that the IntelliGantt® methodology worked perfectly with our Agile processes. It therefore enabled us to achieve a great visibility of the process without compromising its flexibility. Within a very short timeframe we managed to apply the IntelliGantt® methodology and gain control of the project. The project was successfully delivered to the client and on time."

Amir Rapson, VP R&D,
WatchDox (BlackBerry)

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