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IntelliGantt® Methodology

IntelliGantt® methodology, a unique and proven method for shortening the duration of projects, developed by IntelliManage, combines wide theoretical know-how with extensive and rich experience.
It works as a thin layer on top of every project management methodology, which enables a faster progression pace.
Combining the implementation of this method with the professional ongoing support provided by the IntelliManage team, achieves outstanding results:
  • Significant shortening of schedules.
  • An efficient decision making tool for managers at various levels.
  • Improved organization performance at a low investment and with relatively little effort.
  • Cost cutting and extremely high ROI.
IntelliGantt® methodology offers several significant advantages:
  • Ability to plan and build project schedules within a short time, and assimilate them rapidly, regardless of the project's stage.
  • Constant improvement of schedules, aimed at shortening the project's duration, while presenting a realistic view of the project's status and scheduling at any time.
  • Assignment of tasks in a resolution that is optimal for maintenance.
  • Minimal consumption of project managers and workers time on the ongoing tracking.
  • Coordination between the various groups involved in the project and with external parties involved in the project.
  • Ability to identify problems that may lead to future delays, and to take corrective actions to prevent these delays in advance or minimize them.
Testimonial: Altair Semiconductor
"Due to the experienced IntelliManage team and their IntelliGantt® methodology, it only took a single day a week to complete the tracking of the entire project's progress, all done in a well coordinated manner across all people and tasks. Throughout the entire time, we were always notified in advance on any change which could have impacted the schedule. We were therefore able to make the first product tapeout on time, and according to plan.

Over time, our company expanded, new and larger projects came out, and we were happy to find the IntelliGantt® methodology to be flexible and accommodating for different scopes of projects, continuing to yield excellent results. For the second product tapeout, we were ready one month ahead of the original project schedule."

Oded Melamed, CEO,
Altair semiconductor

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