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"We've contacted IntelliManage when we won a significant project with critical deadlines. The use of the IntelliGantt® methodology helped us making sure we would meet our goals in spite of the project's complexity, and its frequent changes.

For me, it felt like we were using this methodology as the "responsible adult", which makes sure we all progress in the direction we agreed upon, without anybody dropping the ball along the way. We defined our goals, and throughout the project we kept optimizing our schedules on an on-going basis, making sure they are on track with our goals.

IntelliManage have shown complete dedication to our project, as if it was their own. They constantly monitored and supported our project in a very professional manner, which helped us a lot in meeting its goals. They now still support us with projects we won due to the success of that project, as well as with other projects we have."

Nadav Katsir, VP and GM Connectivity BU, יISSI
"We turned to IntelliManage for their help in meeting a tight deadline for an important project.

Our joint work effort began with understanding the methodology and then building a project schedule. In close cooperation with IntelliManage, we quickly built this schedule and minimized project management efforts. The plan we received was easily doable and of high quality. Every aspect was clearly laid out, making it possible for us to see, at any moment, where we stood and what problems might arise to delay our schedule.

During this project, we received another, more critical project that potentially put at risk the schedule of the original project - a situation that we had experienced in the past. This time, we were able to quickly organize ourselves to meet the demands of the new project, with minimal impact on the schedule of the original project."

Dotan Sokolov, Corporate VP & IC Division Manager, יDSP Group
"ForeScout's Engineering consists of 12 teams working simultaneously on 20-30 projects.

The coordination and planning challenges are well addressed by IntelliManage. The IntelliGantt® methodology allows us to efficiently track projects' progress, identify bottlenecks and mitigate execution risks early in the application development lifecycle.

IntelliManage's methodology gives our managers a powerful management tool that allows them to better utilize their resources to meet the business objectives of the organization..

It allows us to quickly incorporate significant changes into our plans, understand their impact and make the proper decisions accordingly."

Ori Naishtein, SVP Engineering, יForeScout Technologies
"As soon as I joined the company, I identified the need for accelerating the development process, and the need for detecting and preventing future delays. I was very familiar with IntelliManage from my past experience in my previous company, and I knew they could deliver their tasks within a very short time period. Knowing the way they work, I knew that even with a limited budget of one PMO day a week, they would be able to advance our progress significantly, as indeed happened.

The main advantages of their approach were simplicity, ease of maintenance, and painless deployment. As with my previous experience, I enjoyed the collaborative work with IntelliManage, and their ongoing support.

Eran Shmidt, AVP R&D,יCompass-EOS
"We reached out to IntelliManage, in order to address the coordination challenge between the many development parties of the Scio product. Scio is an innovative and technology breakthrough product, which following a successful kickstarter fundraising, became an interest focus for many people and companies.

The IntelliGantt® methodology helped us coordinate our internal activities, and in turn coordinate them with activities involving other organizations. Within a short period of time, we created a clear work plan, which increased the productivity of our development teams, enabled us to better forecast future milestones, as well as identify risks, and prepare effective mitigation plans for them. In addition, we now have the ability to get a high level perspective of the project schedule, in order to minimize delays as much as possible.

Having a dedicated and responsive customer support, as part of the IntelliManage PMO service, enable us to cope with product changes, and make better decisions in case they take place.

Damian Goldring, CTO & VP R&D, יConsumer Physics
"AirSpan's activity is characterized by a large number of projects, developed in parallel, where priorities are frequently changed. Needless to mention, such an environment made it difficult for us to get a clear understanding of our status and progress.

Our managers adopted the IntelliGantt® methodology rapidly, without demonstrating the resistance we were used to in the past, when we tried to adopt and implement other similar methodologies.

The IntelliGantt® methodology has evolved to a kind of language in our organization and is used as an excellent coordination tool between our teams, enabling to form a clear status of our progress, and used as a portfolio to take the right decisions.

Our managers have received close support and guidance, in a prompt and efficient manner when we kicked off this project, and we continue to enjoy the same support and guidance on an on-going basis.

Ori Hareli, VP R&D/Engineering,יAirspan
"We decided to use IntelliManage's project shortening services, as a result of the growth in our customer base, which led to an increase in the number of projects we develop. It was important for us to constantly stay on top of the progress, and know at every given moment, the status of each one of our components, as this is one of our commitments to our customers.

Using the IntelliGantt® methodology, provided a layer of transparency to our various company divisions, enabling us to coordinate expectations across the board, and make the right decisions in an environment of constant change.

Amir Eilat, COO,יTvinci (Kaltura)
"Cellebrite's products support a diverse variety of phones, with two product lines, which share some of their product requirements. The need for constant response to ever changing requirements of various manufactures, in both product lines, adds a significant challenge to the management of our product.

The use of IntelliGantt®, significantly improved the ability of Cellebrite's managers, starting from the team leaders, to gain visibility into each team's progress. This ability enables, among other things, the project managers to make decisions in order to make the development process more efficient. Using the methodology also helps in efficiently managing each team's resources, and in improving coordination between teams, thus preventing delays and shortening the overall project duration.

As a result of using IntelliGantt®, the projects better meet their milestones, and the company is able to predict delays in advance and prevent them as much as possible."

David Heled, VP R&D,יCellebrite
"By implementing IntelliManage's strategy for project management, we had, within a short period of time, a much clearer picture of our progress on each project.
We quickly achieved good synchronization among all the teams involved in each project. IntelliManage also provided us with a much better method for managing the outsourced parts of our projects. These enhancements significantly contributed to enabling us to meet project schedules.

By using IntelliManage's methodology we were able to be alerted about future obstacles much sooner than before, allowing us sufficient time to prepare for them, provide proper solutions and prevent, as much as possible, unnecessary delays. Their methods were extremely easy to assimilate and were shortly adopted by our project managers.

Today IntelliManage continues to assist us with their professional PMO services in order to safeguard our achievements and further enhance our improvements. As a result we are now able to deliver our projects faster and of higher quality."

Shahar Bar-Or, VP R&D, Mobile Division,יSanDisk (Western Digital)
"Our IT organization continuously runs multiple production-affecting development projects, in a variety of operational environments and diverse content areas. At the same time it provides ongoing support to new requirements that frequently arise. In order to provide our clients with rapid and professional solutions, we have decided to manage our entire project portfolio using the IntelliGantt® methodology by IntelliManage Ltd.

Applying the IntelliGantt® methodology helped us create an effective mechanism for synchronizing our work teams, thus enabling us to commit to schedules and consistently deliver upon them. Team resource utilization has significantly improved, and development managers now have a much clearer view of their tasks status than ever before.

Managing our projects with IntelliGantt® provides us with significant flexibility to manage changes to work schedules, and a strong decision-making tool. Applying the methodology enables managers at different levels to identify potential project delays in advance, and mitigate them on time.

Implementing this methodology is part of a managerial and professional philosophy allowing us to provide our clients with innovative services in a planned, managed and controlled fashion - and in a prompt manner."

Ran Harpaz, Chief Technology Officer, 013 Netvision (Cellcom)
"We at Altair Semiconductor, met IntelliManage at a very early stage, based on a warm recommendation we got on their special solution for startup companies. We were highly impressed by their prompt response and by the highly experienced staff. Within a short period of time we were able to deploy their simple and well-organized methodology, which yielded complete and high quality schedules - all with low impact on our project people precious time.

The PMO started to work right away and in a very efficient manner. Due to the experienced IntelliManage team and their IntelliGantt® methodology, it only took a single day a week to complete the tracking of the entire project's progress, all done in a well coordinated manner across all people and tasks.

Throughout the entire time, we were always notified in advance on any change which could have impacted the schedule. We were therefore able to make the first product tapeout on time, and according to plan.

Over time, our company expanded, new and larger projects came out, and we were happy to find the IntelliGantt® methodology to be flexible and accommodating for different scopes of projects, continuing to yield excellent results. For the second product tapeout, we were ready one month ahead of the original project schedule.

Our choice to go with IntelliManage proved itself beyond expectations: The prompt and professional response by IntelliManage has contributed significantly to shorten our timetables, and was performed in a pleasant atmosphere, and with a genuine sense of solidarity and teamwork."

Oded Melamed, CEO, Altair semiconductor (Sony)
"We used the consulting services of IntelliManage for the first time during a challenging and ambitious project with a critical deadline. We needed a prompt solution to enable us meeting the strict and tight deadlines defined for the project, and indeed within a few days we already had a sound methodology, work schedules (Gantt Charts) for the development and testing teams, and a PMO tracking the process in place. In light of the successful accomplishment we've experienced with the efficiency and convenience of the project's execution, we rapidly applied this methodology to the rest of our projects. This process was executed flawlessly using the PMO services of IntelliManage, and today this methodology became a part of our vocabulary for all projects in our company."

Etai Beck, Director of voice solution development, יJuniper Networks
"The WatchDox platform enables organizations to access, track and control their critical documents wherever they go: on any tablet, smartphone, or PC, even those beyond the IT department's control.

We have initially chosen IntelliManage to help us meet deadlines on a strategic project. It turned out that the IntelliGantt® methodology worked perfectly with our Agile processes. It therefore enabled us to achieve a great visibility of the process without compromising its flexibility. Within a very short timeframe we managed to apply the IntelliGantt® methodology and gain control of the project. The project was successfully delivered to the client and on time.

We have continued to use IntelliManage's services ever since.

Even in a start-up's rapidly changing environment, with the help of IntelliManage's PMO, we constantly maintain clear visibility of the task at hand in every one of our product roadmaps. This allows us to improve our decision making, tweak our development cycles and more importantly deliver on our commitments to our clients.
I would recommend IntelliManage's methodologies and services to any start-up, at any stage."

Amir Rapson, VP R&D, יWatchDox (BlackBerry)
"One of the main challenges of managing projects in a dynamic and time-constrained environment is the frequent, uncompromised monitoring of the plan, its update and adaptation to reality. IntelliManage's PMO services ensure an ongoing update of the plans. As a result, we are currently able to monitor the status and content of projects at any given time, and to estimate completion times for the development of our software versions. Our plans are very tolerant to changes, all of which are controlled. A structured and efficient infrastructure was created, which allows starting new projects as well as monitoring and control. "

Moshe Meiseles, Executive VP, Engineering, יOpTier
"VisionMap develops several high-complexity and sophisticated products in parallel. The need to address customer requirement changes, coupled with the matrix structure of the organization, makes its scheduling management extremely challenging. For these reasons, we decided to employ IntelliManage's expertise in order to improve our performance.

The schedules built with IntelliManage, enable us to make sure we invest our efforts according to the company's true priorities at any given moment. We now have an accurate and updated status view, which enables us to make allocation changes in real-time to further improve our results. In addition, our dynamic workplans contribute to the coordination between the various company groups, and help us identify and solve additional issues, not directly related to the scheduling.

It's good to note that by now dealing with the workplans is not conceived as an overhead in the company, but rather as an integral part of the R&D and Engineering daily routine and organizational culture.

At the bottom line, the process we went through with IntelliManage has significantly improved the overall company management and its effectiveness."

Yaron Vilan, CEO, יVisionMap (Rafael)
"We contacted IntelliManage when we wanted to utilize PMO activity at our company. Our first goal was taking load off our team leaders and release managers.

Within a short time, our Gantt charts where converted to conform with the IntelliGantt® methodology. The new format made the charts easy to manage, organized our work, and significantly increased the visibility of our present and future tasks.

We found the PMO services of IntelliManage to be both professional and of good quality. Due to IntelliGantt®'s ease of operation, staffing the PMO activity at a part time capacity, was sufficient to successfully support the necessary project progress control, and to save substantial amounts of time at various management levels."

Eytan Radian, VP R&D, יRadWin
"P-cube's technology includes several complex subsystems, which are developed by several groups. The coordination and program management of the P-cube's technologies were a significant resource consuming challenge, and we have looked at various methods to improve.

At this time, I have heard of IntelliManage and hired them for consulting. IntelliManage succeeded to build a concept after a couple of meetings, and later continued to monitor the implementation and to ensure that we have met our objectives. Their contribution was both professional and with sensible inter-personal interactions. The results were to our complete satisfaction.

The cost performance was really a great winner, and the experience very positive.

Thanks IntelliManage!

Michael Ben-Nun GM and CTO, יP-cube (Cisco)
"We have used the PMO services of IntelliManage in a large-scale renovation project of one of our production lines. Prior to the planning phase of this project, IntelliManage performed a Post Mortem review on similar projects we have conducted and came up with an improvement plan for future projects.

Working closely with both internal and external contacts, the PMO delivered a detailed plan for this complex project, sorting out the tremendous amount of details, and creating special views, which focused the various functions of this project on the information relevant for them. This plan enabled us to brainstorm on this project prior to its start, and come up with new solutions and ideas, significantly saving expenses and shortening the project duration.

During project execution, the PMO gathered data from the various operational sources, provided updated plans for status meetings, distributed updated workplans to the various groups and emphasized on executing the tasks according to plan. The special views provided, helped us in closely tracking the progress of the project's critical paths.

The most notable impact of this process, compared to previous projects, was in the significant reduction in unexpected problems which turn into bottlenecks. As a result, the need to compromise on quality due to schedule constraints was eliminated.

Another great achievement was the ability to complete the project in a relatively short time for project of such scale, and by that substantially save on project costs. In other words, the PMO services showed a great return on investment (ROI).

We are extremely satisfied with the high level of professionalism and dedication demonstrated by IntelliManage, which greatly improved our project execution process, and we plan on adopting these improvements across other projects in our plant."

Ofer Givaty, Ramle Plant Manager, Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises
"IntelliManage have been involved in a large-scale project that we've recently won. They worked with Oceana's project manager in building a detailed plan for this project, including budget-related and time-related constraints and commitments. They trained and accompanied the project manager throughout the first phases of the project, to help the tracking process and to assist him in addressing problems that came up during the project's course.

We are very satisfied with IntelliManage's professional manner, thoroughness, and the small number of man-hours (hence the low cost) they needed to accomplish all of the above. In addition to the immediate benefits in structuring this specific project, we have also enjoyed receiving the view of an external, experienced company - which offered tools and templates that will help us in implementing the same methodology in our future projects."

Yael Efron, President & CEO, Oceana
"We have engaged IntelliManage in order to assist us with improving the monitoring of an ongoing project, as well as to help us construct plans for a new project. In order to ease the process, IntelliManage have divided it into a series of short steps, but were still there throughout the entire process to support and assist whenever needed.

The first step was based on individual work with each of our Team managers, helping them build Gantt charts according to their own work-style and preferences. This way, the project plan visibility was increased and the basis for intra -project cooperation was built. Following that, IntelliManage have aggregated the separate Gantt charts into larger project-level charts; this was carried out in carefully planned steps, in order to minimize the "noise" which this aggregation usually creates. The final master-plan also included schedules for inter-team activities, linked to the milestones in each team's specific work-plan. The plan was carefully built, considering the individual requirements of each manager.

Overall, the number of man-hours required to go through this change proved to be surprisingly small. This can surly be attributed to the unique focused work-practices of IntelliManage, as well as to their deep expertise and experience in Project Management. Although the project managers did not have to devote too much of their time to the process, they still retained full ownership of their own project-plans, and were easily able to maintain them afterwards.

We are of course extremely satisfied with the process and its results, and will definitely engage IntelliManage again when the need arises."

Raphi Hess, VP R&D, Native Networks (Alcatel-Lucent)
"After working with IntelliManage for 2 years, I can definitely say that your contribution to our success is significant, and I can hardly imagine how we would have done so well in managing our projects without your support.

In addition to shortening our initial schedule and assisting us to get very early to the market, IntelliManage helped us to make sure we deliver the next milestones in time, as well as keep excellent control of the project and the resources optimal usage. Having a team of over 20 people with additional outsource activities on one hand, and extensive telco-grade requirements on the other, it is very difficult to find the balance. One of the major contributions IntelliManage make is enabling us to focus on managing the project and addressing the risks and challenges, while IntelliManage takes care of the details in the project as well as maintaining the status and raise the flags of new risks very early as soon as they arise.

Working with IntelliManage also enables us to plan the work as well as check alternatives and promptly respond to changing requirements. IntelliManage methodology - IntelliGantt® - was integrated with our agile development methodology to produce excellent resource usage as well as meeting milestones and deliverables in tough and changing conditions.

Today using your PMO services is part of our routine, and the contribution is well recognized by everyone in my team.

Today we deliver more than promised, on time, with excellent quality. In many cases, we are surprised how well we manage the resources to make sure we optimize what we do.

The best part is that working with IntelliManage is a great pleasure. In addition to being highly professional, the personal relationships are excellent and you become literally part of our team. Today, we see IntelliManage as our partners more than just service providers, and the collaboration with you is outstanding.

I highly recommend your services to anyone who manages a project, and I am confident that it will contribute significantly to the ability to maintain the schedule without compromising scope or content.

Please feel free to quote me as well as forward this email to anyone whom it may concern. I will also be happy to reference you and your services should anyone like to get more details.

Thank you very much again for the time we work together and for your support to our goals."

Eli Gur, VP R&D, EdgeNetworks
"IntelliManage has worked with Sanctum on analyzing our product development methodology, with the goal of identifying issues and correcting them in order to achieve improved, efficient processes.
A "post-mortem" review of a major project was carried out. The review and the analysis were completed within two days (!), with many issues identified. Some of the issues were also found to be relevant to another project, which was in its initial stages; this early identification prevented future damage to that project. The resulting process modifications were implemented in all of Sanctum's development projects, and led to a change in the way project management is carried out throughout the company.

In addition, a review of the technical writing process was performed, which led to the division of this work into in-sourced and out-sourced tasks. For the in-sourced tasks, a Gantt Chart was created, which took into consideration various constraints on the availability of Sanctum employees that need to supply inputs for the User Manuals and On-line Help. Same as the new product development framework, the revised technical writing processes are also being used in Sanctum until today."

Amit Barkan, VP R&D, Sanctum (Watchfire)
"We approached IntelliManage with the intention of creating some semblance of order where chaos previously existed. Our specific goal was a detailed work plan for the R&D department, taking into account a multitude of different concurrent projects. Within a few meetings, IntelliManage were able to put together a logical and well defined plan that helped us out a few very sticky spots."

Bezalel Finkelstien, VP R&D, ScreenPeaks
"We have commissioned IntelliManage to assist us in implementing structured project management methodologies. They have helped us in building detailed work-plans for about 15 projects, which are planned to take place in the coming year, as well as in defining the relationships, dependencies and priorities between these projects. They have also helped us implement a simple and effective method of following up on the progress of the projects. All this was carried out in less than 30 man-hours of work.

Following this phase, IntelliManage has continued to work side by side with our R&D manager, to ensure that the methodologies were well implemented and that work progressed according to plan.

Most importantly to us, working with IntelliManage has proven to be extremely practical and efficient. We didn't spend too much time on theory, but rather started immediately doing the hands-on work. The follow-on phase, of monitoring the actual progress, was very important and useful as well. We have also received from IntelliManage all the technical support which we needed."

Yishai Hartuv, VP Engineering, OzVision
"Our company had to deal with a large-scale project within an aggressive timeframe. We were not sure that we could deliver on time, with the limited resources available. An IntelliManage consultant helped us produce a feasible project plan, with a detailed risk assessment, which convinced us to commit.

The quality of the work produced by IntelliManage during the design and creation of the project plan was simply exceptional, being based on many years of experience with similar projects.

IntelliManage's work has ensured that we -
  • Set realistic expectations and allocated sufficient resources for the job.
  • Involved the client in an effective decision-making process.
  • Efficiently used decision-support and project-planning software.
  • Implemented a smooth and systematic project management process.
The detailed, professional analysis performed by IntelliManage handled all the different aspects of the project management process:
  • Integration & Scope Management
  • Time & Cost Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Risk Management
Currently, as a regular part of our project management process, we intend to bring in an IntelliManage consultant for the fresh perspective and many years of real world experience."

Michael Brutman, CTO, יVManage
"Faced with a very tight manpower situation internally, we decided to work with IntelliManage and outsource our project management. The IntelliManage consulting was instrumental in setting up the Gantts, working closely with our project managers to construct their projects in a short time, while helping them learn to use the tools. IntelliManage continues to help us follow up and maintain the projects with a high level of energy, commitment, motivation and attention to detail."

David Rosenblatt Ph.D, President & CTO, יGWS Photonics
"We had to supply, within a limited time-frame, a detailed description of workflows and processes used by our firm. Obviously, we had the workflows and procedures in place, but not documented. Since we had no time to deal with this task in such a short notice I looked for outside help. I have heard of IntelliManage's capabilities in this area, and contacted them for assistance.

IntelliManage understood our firm methodology very quickly and provided the required deliverables extremely quickly and at a very high quality. The produced documents were easy to understand and to use, and have served our company time and again since then.

I definitely plan to contact IntelliManage once again if ever I encounter any issue related to project management, process management or workflow analysis and description."

Michael Bar-Joseph, VP R&D, RedBend
"We contacted IntelliManage when we had to aggregate a number of complicated project plans within a fast approaching deadline.

We introduced the problem to one of IntelliManage consultants and this complicated problem was actually solved in less than 48 hours. I was impressed with the quick learning curve , and by the professional approach , which not only solved the problem but also introduced an improvement of the original plans.

I would highly recommend IntelliManage's services for anyone who needs practical consulting on project management issues."

Moty Weissman, VP R&D, BeConnected (Tdsoft)
"When TeraCross started its multi-chip complex project, it was evident that the project managers were going to spend valuable time on the day-to-day progress management. On the other hand, as a start-up, we had neither the justification nor the resources to hire a full time person to do just that.

We decided to contract IntelliManage to build-up the complex Microsoft Project database, and hired a part time industrial engineering student to maintain it from that point onwards.

The initial Gantt chart was launched in one work-day. The same week of our first meeting with an IntelliManage consultant, we already had a full professional chart with which we could continue working on our own! The progress achieved in such a short time was definitely a pleasant surprise. Moreover, the ongoing maintenance of that chart by our industrial engineer has proven to be easy and convenient , addressing our program management needs at a very low cost.

We definitely recommend this program management scheme, and IntelliManage as a key part of it."

Michel Assayag, General Manager & Executive VP, TeraCross
"We have employed IntelliManage's consulting services to help us design a unified schedule for all our R&D projects. During the design period, our managers have also learned the general principles of project planning and tracking.

IntelliManage provided focused, down-to-earth consulting, which was result-oriented, structured, concisely explained - and of course well-planned. Their consulting method didn't waste any unnecessary time on the technicalities of the MS-Project tool used, and dove quickly into the schedule design itself, nicely combining the theoretical aspects of project management with the practical details of our specific projects. The methods used by IntelliManage helped us bring forth all the relevant information required to complete the work-schedules within a short time-frame. Overall, IntelliManage did a great job, and we are very pleased with the results: professional schedules for our projects, used by motivated managers."

Ouri Azoulay, CEO, PureSight Parental Control
"We have engaged IntelliManage to assist us in revising the Gantt chart of a small-size project. The work with IntelliManage included the following topics:
  • Providing training on building and maintaining work-plans
  • Providing training on managing sub-contractors
  • Planning of the specific project, including work vis-a-vis sub-contractors (contents, deliverables, milestones)
  • Reconstruction of the project's Gantt Chart according to the revised plan
The job was completed in about 10 hours of work, and we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of work achieved in such a short period. Also, the high quality of the work allowed the Project Manager to complete the project without need for any further assistance from IntelliManage.
We highly recommend hiring IntelliManage for any kind of work in this area, and we definitely plan to engage them again in Top Image, if the need arises."

Oded Leiba, VP Engineering, Top Image Systems
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