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Setting Up Schedules

Anyone involved in management of organizational projects is familiar with a project's natural tendency to overrun time and budget constraints. Research indicates that IT projects, for example, tend to overrun by 50% on average. These spillovers cause substantial reduction of the organization's performance and may result in significant damage. Although this is a well-known phenomena - it is certainly not inevitable.

IntelliManage specializes in providing focused project management solutions that significantly improve its customers' performance within short time-frames. Using its exclusive IntelliGantt® methodology, the company offers detailed and professional schedule (Gantt) building for a project within a few working days - ensuring immediate project speed-up.

Most projects require significant changes, even re-building of schedules, on the fly. These changes do not necessarily indicate planning faults, and in most cases are part of the project's natural course. IntelliManage offers a unique service named
"SOS Project Management", that includes schedule re-building with an expert within a few working days, at any stage of the project.
This service enables rapid re-organization of the project and shortening project duration while ensuring its proper progress.

The IntellGantt® methodology significantly simplifies the necessary on-going updates to the schedule, while making sure it accurately represents the project's status. Use our Project follow up by PMO service for further simplifying schedule updates.

The experience and know-how of the IntelliManage team helps the organization cope with these changes, while avoiding typical planning, execution and monitoring errors.
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IntelliGantt® Methodology
  • Significant shortening of schedules.
  • An efficient decision making tool.
  • Improved organization performance.
  • Cost cutting.
Schedules as an organizational tool
  • Better understanding of project needs.
  • Tracking project progress.
  • Identifying future problems solving them.
  • Selecting the fastest course.
  • Motivating project team.
  • Coordinating the various project groups.

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