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IntelliManage views its employees as partners, and believes that each one of them has a direct impact on the company's achievements, success and image.

Our managerial approach derives from our view that a satisfied employee is the key to customer satisfaction. We believe that work should be enjoyable and should be conducted in a supportive and pleasant environment, in an atmosphere conducive to creativity, independent thinking and personal expression.

In this spirit, IntelliManage offers its employees a high quality and dynamic work environment, both business-wise and socially, space for personal and professional development, fascinating work experience alongside first class experts in the field of project management, continual professional challenges in the provision of solutions for leading companies in their fields - and a personal career course that opens new horizons.

For PMO (project planning, tracking & control) student position:
(Article about PMO)
Industrial engineering & management student (4th year - must):

  Excellent interpersonal relationship.
  Fluent in Microsoft Project. Experience with both planning & tracking - must!
  Previous experience in similar jobs - advantage.
  For a part-time time job (few full days a week).

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