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Work Methods

The unique work methods that were developed by IntelliManage, based on its extensive practical experience working with various types of organizations, enable implementing efficient solutions for managing complex projects within a short time. These solutions, applied within very short response times, speed up project progress and yield proven successful results.

In order to reap the benefits immediately, without the need for extensive investment, the IntelliManage team has developed "lean", rapid and easy to implement solutions. These solutions utilize standard project schedule management tools. They integrate the team's high level of professionalism with the IntelliGantt® methodology - a unique method for shortening schedules, that has to date been successfully implemented in hundreds of projects, simple to very complex ones.

IntelliManage's action plan is based on The Four Stages Plan ,creating the required process of change and improvement

Project tracking and control according to IntelliGantt® methodology, combined with IntelliManage's unique expertise, generate high quality PMO activity, benefited by the strong professional backing of the IntelliManage team of experts, yet requires only a relatively small effort and budget. This work method enables setting up high quality planning within a short time, and maintaining this achievement throughout the project's life cycle at lower costs, while ensuring high quality results.
The Four Stages Plan
  • A launch meeting
  • Meetings with the managers
  • Tracking & control
  • Schedule optimization
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  • PMO Activity setup/upgrade.
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