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The Four Stages Plan

IntelliManage's action plan is based on four major stages, creating the required process of change and improvement:
  1. A launch meeting of the project managers with an expert consultant, with comprehensive experience in project management. During this meeting, the principles of the IntelliGantt® methodology are presented and customized to the needs of the specific project and managers.
  2. A series of meetings of the expert with the various managers, during which the expert helps build detailed work plans, while coaching the managers in working according to the IntelliGantt® method. Our experience has shown that when this stage is executed by the IntelliManage experts, it can be completed within a few days. At the end of this stage, the detailed work plans are ready, have undergone optimization and provide project managers with a realistic view of the projects status, forecast for milestone dates, and warnings about problems that must be addresses over both the short and long term.
  3. Tracking & control stage, which every plan undergoes after its creation, enables understanding the impact of every change in execution versus previous plan, and continuous identification of problems requiring corrective actions in order to prevent or minimize future delays.
    This stage is assisted by an IntelliManage PMO. When using the IntelliGantt® methodology, it typically requires a part time PMO only.
  4. Schedule optimization is executed throughout the tracking stage, aimed at preventing delays as far as possible, and shortening project duration.
    Here as well, an IntelliManage PMO will provide impressive results, and will make sure schedules are up to date on an ongoing basis.

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