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Your Shortcut to Faster Projects

Project follow up by a PMO

PMO as a Service

After setting up the schedules, IntelliManage assigns a professional PMO (Project Management Officer) to the organization, in order to ensure that the project continues to be managed in an uncompromising professional manner. The PMO works in close and ongoing professional collaboration with the IntelliManage team of experts, and is responsible for accompanying the project, updating work plans and coordinating the ongoing tracking and follow up.
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PMO's Main Roles
  • Assisting managers in planning project schedules.
  • Ongoing project schedule tracking.
  • Tracking additional actions items.
Why do we need a PMO?
  • Changes will occur from time to time.
  • Up-to-date schedules are vital.
  • Schedule updates requires time & expertise.
  • Cost savings.
  • Saving project manager's time.

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