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Setting up a Project Management Office

The term PMO refers not only to the professional person responsible for accompanying the project, but in some cases also to a unit responsible for managing all of the organization's projects (Project Management Office).
One of IntelliManage's fields of specialization is the establishment of a "lean" and rapid-response organizational PM Office that offers excellent ROI and enables the organization to assimilate proper and efficient work processes in order to manage projects expertly over time.
Setting-up a PM Office in an organization requires in-depth experience and expertise, both in management of projects and schedules and in the ability to harness the organization to coordinated operation, that contributes to its goals in general, and the goals of the various projects in particular. IntelliManage sets-up and operates an organizational PM Office with its team of experts in a way that provides distinctive advantages to the organization: rapid setup and ongoing professional support, that demonstrate significant improvement in project performance within a short time.
By applying the IntelliGantt® methodology, the PMO tasks require a reduced job scope, even for complex projects.
Providing the PMO with ongoing support and professional backup by the IntelliManage team of experts ensures a high-quality process and ongoing troubleshooting, yielding continuous improvement.

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Setting up a PM Office includes:
  • Adjusting the methods to the projects.
  • Definion of the communication between the parties.
  • Rapid coaching of managers.
  • Building schedules for projects.
  • PMO placement.
  • Providing support & backup to the PMO.
  • Turning the PMO into a knowledge center.
Why do we need a PMO?
  • Changes will occur from time to time.
  • Up-to-date schedules are vital.
  • Schedule updates requires time & expertise.
  • Cost savings.
  • Saving project manager's time.

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