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Customer Testimonial Excerpts

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"IntelliManage have shown complete dedication to our project, as if it was their own.
They now still support us with projects we won due to the success of that project, as well as with other projects we have."

Nadav Katsir,
VP and GM Connectivity BU

"The methods were extremely easy to assimilate and were shortly adopted by our project managers. As a result we are now able to deliver our projects faster and of higher quality."

Shahar Bar-Or,
VP R&D, Mobile Division
SanDisk (Western Digital)

"IntelliGantt® was integrated with our agile development methodology to produce excellent resource usage as well as meeting milestones and deliverables in tough and changing conditions. Today we deliver more than promised, on time, with excellent quality.

Eli Gur, VP R&D,

"We were able to make the first product tapeout on time, and according to plan. For the second product tapeout, we were ready one month ahead of the original project schedule."

Oded Melamed, CEO,
Altair semiconductor (Sony)

"IntelliManage's methodology allows us to quickly incorporate significant changes into our plans, understand their impact and make the proper decisions accordingly."

Ori Naishtein, SVP Engineering
ForeScout Technologies

"Within a few days we already had a sound methodology, work schedules (Gantt Charts) for the development and testing teams, and a PMO tracking the process in place. This methodology became a part of our vocabulary for all projects in our company. "

Etai Beck,
Director of voice solution dev
Juniper Networks

"The use of IntelliGantt® also helps in preventing delays and shortening the overall project duration."

David Heled,VP R&D,

"Using the IntelliGantt® methodology, provided a layer of transparency to our various company divisions, enabling us to coordinate expectations across the board, and make the right decisions in an environment of constant change."

Amir Eilat, COO,
Tvinci (Kaltura)

"Our managers adopted the IntelliGantt® methodology rapidly, without demonstrating the resistance we were used to in the past, when we tried to adopt and implement other similar methodologies."

Ori Hareli, VP R&D/Engineering,

"During this project, we received another, more critical project that potentially put at risk the schedule of the original project - a situation that we had experienced in the past. This time, we were able to quickly organize ourselves to meet the demands of the new project, with minimal impact on the schedule of the original project."

Dotan Sokolov,
Corporate VP & IC Division Manager
DSP Group

"Within a short period of time, we created a clear work plan, which increased the productivity of our development teams, enabled us to better forecast future milestones, as well as identify risks, and prepare effective mitigation plans for them."

Damian Goldring, CTO & VP R&D,
Consumer Physics

"The most notable impact of this process, compared to previous projects, was in the significant reduction in unexpected problems which turn into bottlenecks. The PMO services showed a great return on investment (ROI)."

Ofer Givaty, Ramle Plant Manager,
Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

"The main advantages of their approach were simplicity, ease of maintenance, and painless deployment. As with my previous experience, I enjoyed the collaborative work with IntelliManage, and their ongoing support."

Eran Shmidt, AVP R&D,

"It turned out that the IntelliGantt® methodology worked perfectly with our Agile processes. It therefore enabled us to achieve a great visibility of the process without compromising its flexibility. Within a very short timeframe we managed to apply the IntelliGantt® methodology and gain control of the project. The project was successfully delivered to the client and on time."

Amir Rapson,VP R&D,
WatchDox (BlackBerry)

"Staffing the PMO activity at a part time capacity, was sufficient to successfully support the necessary project progress control, and to save substantial amounts of time at various management levels."

Eytan Radian, VP R&D,

"Applying the IntelliGantt® methodology helped us create an effective mechanism for synchronizing our work teams, thus enabling us to commit to schedules and consistently deliver upon them."

Ran Harpaz, Chief Technology Officer
013 Netvision (Cellcom)

"Overall, the number of man-hours required to go through this change proved to be surprisingly small.
Although the project managers did not have to devote too much of their time to the process, they still retained full ownership of their own project-plans, and were easily able to maintain them afterwards."

Raphi Hess, VP R&D,
Native Networks (Alcatel-Lucent)

"Their contribution was both professional and with sensible inter-personal interactions. The cost performance was really a great winner, and the experience very positive. Thanks IntelliManage!"

Michael Ben-Nun, GM and CTO,
P-cube (Cisco)

"IntelliManage provided focused, down-to-earth consulting, which was result-oriented, structured, concisely explained - and of course well-planned.
We are very pleased with the results: professional schedules for our projects, used by motivated managers."

Ouri Azoulay, CEO,
PureSight Parental Control

"At the bottom line, the process we went through with IntelliManage has significantly improved the overall company management and its effectiveness."

Yaron Vilan, CEO,
VisionMap (Rafael)

"The job was completed in about 10 hours of work, and we were pleasantly surprised with the amount of work achieved in such a short period."

Oded Leiba, VP Engineering,
Top Image Systems

"Within a few meetings, IntelliManage were able to put together a logical and well defined plan that helped us out a few very sticky spots."

Bezalel Finkelstien, VP R&D,

"IntelliManage's PMO services ensure an ongoing update of the plans. As a result, we are currently able to monitor the status and content of projects at any given time, and to estimate completion times for the development of our software versions."

Moshe Meiseles,
Executive VP, Engineering,

"We are very satisfied with IntelliManage's professional manner, thoroughness, and the small number of man-hours (hence the low cost) they needed to accomplish all of the above."

Yael Efron, President & CEO,

"The initial Gantt chart was launched in one work-day."

Michel Assayag,
General Manager & Executive VP,

"Working with IntelliManage has proven to be extremely practical and efficient."

Yishai Hartuv, VP Engineering,

"I was impressed with the quick learning curve , and by the professional approach , which not only solved the problem but also introduced an improvement of the original plans."

Moty Weissman, VP R&D,
BeConnected (Tdsoft)

"The IntelliManage consulting was instrumental in setting up the Gantts, working closely with our project managers to construct their projects in a short time, while helping them learn to use the tools."

David Rosenblatt Ph.D,
President & CTO,
GWS Photonics

"The quality of the work produced by IntelliManage during the design and creation of the project plan was simply exceptional."

Michael Brutman, CTO,

"The review and the analysis were completed within two days (!), with many issues identified."

Amit Barkan, VP R&D,
Sanctum (Watchfire)

"IntelliManage understood our firm methodology very quickly and provided the required deliverables extremely quickly and at a very high quality."

Michael Bar-Joseph, VP R&D,

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