IntelliManage - Your Shortcut to Faster Projects
Your Shortcut to Faster Projects
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IntelliManage provides a unique service that helps shorten the duration of projects for companies managing a wide range of technology, engineering and organizational projects.

The IntelliManage quick and simple Project Management solutions, allow projects to pick up the pace within a few work days, while smoothly integrating them into the existing work processeses.

Based on the unique IntelliGantt® methodology, project schedules are built with experts guide and a part-time PMO is commissioned to monitor the project's progress - PMO as a service.

This leads to a shortening of the project's schedules. This way, a modest investment and a relatively small effort yield significant ROI.
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IntelliManage. Short and to the point
Can't figure out what will be available when? Does your project schedule need boosting?

Are you looking for the fastest, most efficient way to accomplish your goals?

We invite you to join a select group of organizations and managers who know how to best manage their projects.
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