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Why do we need a PMO?

Even if we prepare a detailed and precise schedule for our project, it is very likely that changes will occur from time to time.

Therefore, in parallel to managing the project according to the plan and schedules, it is important to continue updating the plans according to actual changes. Keeping the plan up-to-date is vital not only to prevent delays, but also to understand the impact of the changes on the project's status and progress. Without this intervention, the relation between the project plan & schedule and their actual implementation becomes weaker over time, and eventually we may find ourselves back at the starting point: no plans and no direction for the project, and consequently significant time and budget are wasted.

Our experience shows that in most cases project managers won't be able to complete this task in full without some support, since it requires intensive investment of time and accumulated expertise. Therefore, from the time the schedule is set, IntelliManage provides professional PMO services to help with the ongoing schedule updating, perform resource usage optimization, coordinate the work of various groups (internal and external) comprising the project, identify problems and potential delays, and propose solutions. As a result, an up-to-date project view is always available for managers at various levels, and the project is managed professionally till its finish line.

Using IntelliManage's efficient work methods, the PMO performs these tasks at a low cost (part-time job), at a high professional quality, and so enables the company to reap the benefits of significant savings of project manager's time and results in savings in the project's budget.

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