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Post Mortem Review

During every project, the company acquires a lot of know-how and knowledge. When the organization does not succeed in leveraging it for the benefit of future projects, this know-how may be lost with personnel turnover. A post-mortem project review led by IntelliManage enables the organization to "put its finger on" this knowledge and identify the know-how that was acquired and thus prevent repetition of similar errors in future projects.
Project post-mortem reviews are performed by the IntelliManage team soon after the end of the project. This team specializes in planning and execution of such reviews, as well as in analyzing the results and identification of areas that need improvement. IntelliManage's post-mortem reviews are characterized by speedy execution, high efficiency and savings in managers' time.
The main goals of the post-mortem review are:
  • Learning from the experience gained and gathering process improvement ideas for future projects, in order to prevent repetition of mistakes.
  • Identifying strengths revealed during the project to ensure they will be used in the future.
  • Examining issues and understanding them from the different angles of various position holders.
How do we ensure that a post mortem review is constructive?
Project review can be performed using a variety of methods, such as holding a discussion with numerous participants, division into discussion groups, holding a series of interviews or distributing questionnaires. To make sure that a review does not turn into a series of mutual accusations and cause damage instead of achieving benefits, it is very important to plan it and its structure in advance, to clarify its goals to the participants, and to manage its cautiously and precisely. It is important to sort out the issues that require special focus, and set a proper balance between issues that were defined in advance and issues that are raised by the participants during the discussion.
Here, IntelliManage's advantages as an external and objective party are expressed, in addition to the company's extensive experience. This advantage may be a significant factor in the organization's ability to learn lessons, deal with issues that require improvement and avoid frustrating repetition of mistakes.

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Customer Testimonial: Sanctum
"A "post-mortem" review of a major project was carried out. The review and the analysis were completed within two days (!), with many issues identified.
Some of the issues were also found to be relevant to another project, which was in its initial stages; this early i dentification prevented future damage to that project.
The resulting process modifications were implemented in all of Sanctum's development projects, and led to a change in the way project management is carried out throughout the company."
Amit Barkan, VP R&D, Sanctum
Customer Testimonial: Nesher
"We have used the PMO services of IntelliManage in a large-scale renovation project of one of our production lines. Prior to the planning phase of this project, IntelliManage performed a Post Mortem review on similar projects we have conducted and came up with an improvement plan for future projects."
Ofer Givaty, Ramle Plant Manager,
Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises

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