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The importance of schedules as an organizational tool

Building effective schedules is a complex task. The task requires taking into consideration the reciprocal influences and interdependencies between various actions and steps. Astute planning of schedules may sometimes change the tasks' order or assignment.
It may even lead to a conclusion that the project cannot be completed under the given conditions or requirements.
In such a situation, the project's scope or content may be changed.
In any case, the earlier we make these decisions, the greater the company's benefits will be in terms of savings of time and money.

A clear and up to date project schedule, with the right level of detailing, is a vital organization tool for decision-making and implications analysis. Such planning enables:

  • Better understanding of project needs in advance, ensuring that all issues were taken into account and enabling realistic planning that supports the decision making process.
  • Tracking project progress and identifying future problems, when it is still possible to come up with solutions in advance.
  • Planning solutions for identified problems.
  • Selecting the fastest course during various project stages (performing optimization) in order to shorten project duration.
  • Ensuring that every employee understands his role and what is expected of him. Motivating employees to act, as means that sets short-term targets and progress criteria.
  • Coordinating the various project groups and enabling members to understand the project status and interdependencies (visibility).
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